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Complete Safety Analysis


During a vehicle’s regular operation, there are many things such as the weather, objects on the road, the road itself and usual wear and tear that can cause damage that goes unnoticed. Such damage can affect the performance of your vehicle. To find out and fix this damage, you need to take your vehicle to an expert who can run a thorough vehicle safety check. The vehicle safety check covers:

Engine and Transmission
Vehicle Lamps
Electrical Systems

Tire Check: A tire check is important to make sure that the tread depth is according to the Government’s safety standards. If the tread depth goes below that you are putting your safety at risk. A tire check also makes sure that the tire pressure is right. A vehicle safety check also helps you to identify and fix dents, cracks, bulges and cuts.

Radiator Check: Radiator checks are important as they play a crucial role in maintaining the correct engine temperature level. An expert can make sure that there is no leakage.

Engine Oil Check: An engine oil check ensures that the oil is topped up to the maximum mark on the dip sticks and the correct oil viscosity and type is used in the engine.

Fluid Check: This vehicle safety check helps to identify any leakage and ensures that brake fluid is correctly applied.

Vehicle Lamp Check: A vehicle lamp check is another way to ensure that there are no systems malfunctioning on your vehicle.

Electrical Systems: A vehicles eletrical system check is one of the most important checks, basic fuctions of an eletrical system such as Alternator, Battery, Battery Terminals and Starter can insure that your vehicle is running in top shape.

Suspension: It only takes one worn shock absorber in your car to compromise your safety. Your braking distance can be decreased when your shock absorbers aren't working properly. A safety check will insure that the shock absorbers and other components are working properly.

To ensure the overall safety and longevity of your vehicle, it is better to take your vehicle for regular safety inspections. If you would like to have your vehicle inspected, feel free to contact us at Bill’s Auto Repair. Our experts can offer you a quality vehicle safety check to put your mind at ease.